Saturday , December 31 2016
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Our about page is designed to help you understand the questions the 4 W’s and 1 H might cross your mind in reading this website.


The first “W” in the list and maybe the most important of them all. Who is behind Adding Social, LLC? My name is Adam Mulholland and I came up with the name in 2012 and now I am here finally coming back into running a business again as I retire from the service to work from home and spend the remaining years of work with my family, traveling to different countries and enjoying what life has to offer.

You can learn everything you want and more about me at my personal blog and I am always updating and writing. I wanted to get my websites under one brand and it was going to be with a newer company name but I was able to regain the Adding Social domain that more accurately encompasses what my goals and communities are all about. I hope as 2017 comes around that I can take what I have done, am doing, and make it into something amazing with a team that is employed by my efforts.


My goal is to have several communities in important topics to improve conversations and clean up the ad-plastered world of our internet time. Ads suck, and so do websites that censor speech that is important. You can see the topics that my current portfolio covers and join in if you want to help me achieve a bigger reach and more awesomeness that I can work on.


We use several frameworks to build out communities to include WordPress, Xenforo, Flarum, and others that help us to create platforms people can enjoy using. Besides paid add ons, plugins, and custom work, it’s the content that speak just as loudly as the branding. My eye is on proper branding, corporate identity, and marketing on social media as well as using content marketing. It’s a team effort and I love working with my team that is spread around the globe working from home.


Why did we do it? That’s easy. These networks were needed and before you start saying,”Well, we have Facebook.” Just remember it’s not the easiest to focus in one area when you have 800 million people all interested in thousands of different topics. So by consolidating the areas, we were able to pull similiar interests together and make a dense community of similar interest. We did it because no one else did and we thought it was the perfect idea. We just hope you feel the same.


I had a huge birthday party in Albuquerque, NM in 2011 and my friends stayed the weekend at our place. During that celebration we had many beers and talked about everything for 96 hours. That year we brainstormed so much and finally got to work on some of them.

By June, 2011 we were off building MilPages as our first network and since then we have been tweaking, building, and launching new networks as fast as we can without reducing quality. Each month we will roll out hundreds of changes and more networks. I have taken some of the communities that weren’t doing so well off-line to re-evaluate the need or the project as a whole.

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