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Starting Over From Scratch

Starting Over From Scratch

Starting a business, then losing it, then starting another one only to lose that one too can be soul crushing. If you have the right mind set it can be a learning event as long as you learn things along the way. This has been my strength going forward into new projects or in this case, finally creating my own LLC and put my projects under it. I took me 5 years to have the balls to try it again. All of the questions you can imagine come crawling back as you get closer and closer to putting down the money and signatures for the Secretary of State and the IRS. The questions that I had to over come are:

  • What if I fail again?
  • Can I afford to gamble with making money online?
  • How do you form a country when you are outside of the U.S.?
  • Where do I learn how to do this again?
  • Do I have anyone to lean on in case I find myself in a pinch?
  • Why can’t I be normal and just get a 9-5 like everyone else?
  • What makes me think this has a chance to be successful?

Make no mistake, there are hundreds more that I would constantly think about. I knew in my DNA there is the entrepreneur spirit that tells me to reach for the stars and make something of my dreams. If you are reading this, it might be something you feel too. We are a small breed and we all carry different values or ethics into out capitalist ventures.

My values have changed a lot as I built a business every few years. When I was a teenager running my first “almost legit” business I wanted to make as much as I could on the backs of others. Then in my twenties I learned a lot from Jack Welch in my first M.B.A. class, as well as seeing what employees go through and what their dreams are. I found my connection to others during this decade of my life. In my thirties I have become closer to the workers’ view on employment. They want a fair pay & benefits from the company they help build and make money. I am almost done with this decade of my life and I would make the 16-year old Adam sick to see what I put into action going into my 4o’s.

I am starting over from scratch as I build up this company from nothing, only investing my own money from my full-time job. I am still calculating up what my financial input is, but I know where I want to be a year from now and further. I want to take this LLC and hire employees that get trained so they can leave, but paid so well that they won’t. I am no longer that CEO that takes every penny I can and refuses to listen to employees wants. In fact, the world has shown me a lot. I have traveled around the world and spent years living in South Korea learning cultures that are not so “animalistic” when it comes to earning the highest profit and giving as little as possible to employees. I sympathize with the employee more than ever before.

My traveling around the world has also changed many of my views. As an American I feel no real guilt for not hiring American employees. I hire around the world, finding the very best employees that I can afford. If any happen to be American then that is awesome as well! I want to raise the living wage beyond anything any states has proposed. In my world there is room for a comfortable wage. That means you make so much that not only can you live, but you can live and enjoy life. Even better is the entire basis of this business is to work from home on your time schedule. There may come a time when I need employees to actually come to an office, but that’s not in the near future.

Starting over from scratch gives me the ability to design the type of company I want Adding Social, LLC to be, at least while I am the CEO of it. I am a progressive and that is what drives me. I used to be a conservative, but as I got older, I lost that desire to align myself within a group that hated more than loved. The future I see is:

  • Work from home when always possible.
  • Maternity/Paternity leave is guaranteed for at least the first year & paid. (this will take time)
  • Pay employees 10-30% above their average career field salary.
  • Yearly retreats paid in full by the company to include international travel &¬†families as well.
  • Full medical & dental coverage when and where possible.
  • Training opportunities paid for in full.
  • and much more…

Many would argue that it’s impossible, but I would disagree. Setting the goals high gives us something more to attain other than a minimum wage with little to no benefits. This company will remain privately owned so there are no stock holders to appease. I want to prove that I can create a company with little to no funding and build it strong enough to achieve the above goals and many more. This can’t be impossible. Today we listen to the news report CEO’s getting 700+ times the pay of their average employee. There are golden parachutes and severance packages as well. It goes against my own values to grossly take advantage of a workforce in that way. We all should win together (not the Donald Trump win way) and build something awesome.

I wanted this to be the opening blog post for Adding Social, LLC (2.0.) and show upfront what I truly want to achieve. I have so much to do still and getting to a point that I am no longer investing my own capital will take time and a lot of effort. I am no stranger to hard work or finding ways to be very competitive. This site is solely for the company and will not be where sales, consulting, or anything else is generated from. The company gives me the ability to bring all my websites under one roof and create something in one ecosystem we call Adding Social.

I will write a post as often as I feel there is something to write about. I mainly try to write on my blog teaching people about eCommerce, marketing, and advertising. Check in from time to time if you want to see if anything new is happening.

~ Adam

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I am the guy that owns the company and a few sites under the name of Adding Social, LLC. I dislike Facebook, love Twitter & Tumblr and being social with a bunch of you! I live in South Korea and soon I hope to backpack through Asia and making this company into something amazing!

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